Music Makers’ Conservatory is a music school environment that offers many private one-on- one music classes. When one enters the building, many sounds strike our senses and makes a happy sound. Welcome to the happy music place.

Lessons offerings are: strings (violin, viola and cello), piano, voice, clarinet, oboe, accordion, guitar, church organ and even harpsichord. Music for Young Children are exclusively offered at Music Makers’ Conservatory where infant to 5-6 year olds enjoy music and motion and family involvement. Homeschoolers are welcome to take lessons with any of our qualitied instructors. As implied above, music offered at Music Makers’ Conservatory to student of ALL ages, young and young at heart. We are all striving to learn and grow and have music as part of our lives. It is a joyous journey. Music Maker’s is home to a Professional String Trio- the Encore Strings- that is available for weddings, receptions, conferences, family events, and special events.

There are string ensemble classes available for kids as well as adults. Linda Meuret has the Joyful Strings (the hotshot kid group), the Dolce Strings (the enthusiastic adult group) and the Chamber Pots (hey- they named it…) another adult group. It is so fun to share music with others!!!

*Individual instruction is the basis for life-long appreciation of music.

*Develop performing and listening skills. Lessons hone our discipline and organization to accomplish our goal of learning an instrument and playing it well.

*Vibrant community for making, learning and sharing of music.

*Each student’s unique talents and goals are recognized and appreciated and encouraged.

*It’s FUN and Inspiring!!