It is a string ensemble made up of adult students who love to play together. They meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in Music Makers’ Conservatory’s Recital Hall. We have violins, and cellos and a few valiant viola players. They come from all walks of life and have wanted to play a stringed instrument, for some of them, all their lives. Now they get to enjoy that dream. WE have had one form of adult group playing together for years. It was at one time called the “Harmonics”.

They have a performance outfit with medium blue cotton shirts with logo and then black bottoms.

Also, with these adults, is we will play for food. That may mean a Christmas party, or a friendly BBQ among friends, or Company Party. A treat with these adults, as well as with the Chamber Pots from Butte, is an all-day retreat where we all meet at the Boulder Hot Springs on the first Saturday of March. We bring food, and laughter and lots of playing all day to prepare for an impromptu concert in the evening for friends, family and whomever is at the hot springs. It is a well-attended event. We even had folks come down from Kalispell and join us. Adults from the SW area of Montana have enjoyed rehearsing and playing together at this event.